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    It's not winter antifreeze "patent"

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    The reporter understands random interviews, 60% of the cyclists that antifreeze is used when winter for automobile antifreeze. During the spring and summer do not need to freeze, so use tap water or pure water instead. In fact, this kind of practice is not desirable. Antifreeze is not only a winter, should be used all year round.

    Can prevent scale antifreeze

    Usually drives to ignore the harm of scale, scale quite big to the harm of the car. A scale after cooling fluid thermal conductivity is reduced greatly, the engine temperature, corrosion, this prompted scale increase, form a vicious circle. Scale may also block the cooling system pipe, cause more accidents. According to the relevant domestic data reported that in the normal use of the car engine repairs, 6% of the engine cooling system malfunction, and fault is the main reason of the scale and corrode metal parts. Thus, scale and corrosion of metal parts to the harm of the engine cooling system. Therefore, all the year round use good quality antifreeze can not only effectively protect car cooling system, can also save money.

    Can prevent water boiled antifreeze

    Good antifreeze is not only a winter antifreeze effect, the summer and the effect of cooling the engine; Because it has good low temperature resistance and high temperature resistant performance. The boiling point of antifreeze above 120 degrees Celsius, and the boiling point of water is 100 degrees Celsius, use antifreeze can prevent car "boiled".

    Antifreeze cannot use water to replace

    The weather gets warmer and warmer, some drives directly with water or antifreeze water instead of antifreeze. These actions cause moisture evaporation and loss of antifreeze, and vehicle abnormal phenomenon such as temperature, let alone for a long time to add water to components has certain corrosion effect.

    Good antifreeze and anti-corrosion, rust removal, and other functions, so the water instead of antifreeze is not desirable. First of all, how many there will be some corrosion of the cooling system, water while the antifreeze additive containing against corrosion. Second, antifreeze high boiling point and the boiling point of water is low, make the cooling water often substitute, also easily lead to accumulation and cooling system scale of casing corrosion, so as to cause an accident.

    Different brands of antifreeze can not mix

    In fact, different brands and models used in antifreeze is not the same. As we see, some antifreeze is green, and some antifreeze is purple, freezing point, boiling point is different, once the mixture, the components interact with each other, it is likely to damage the engine. Therefore, it is suggested that the owner or according to the parameters of the original set of buy antifreeze, don't mix.

    On the species, antifreeze currently on the market there are two kinds roughly: category to concentrate, need to add distilled water use; Another kind of "that are" ready to use form, antifreeze when use without water. Now, oems factory designated brand antifreeze, chamber of commerce launched this kind of antifreeze for concentrated more commonly, need to be used against the water. And the majority of sales on the market "universal" antifreeze for more "that are" ready to use form; If is replace by oneself, try to choose the big brand products.

    Fangdongye of choose and buy at the boiling point and freezing point

    In recent years, antifreeze products one of the most basic indicators of "boiling point" because of the unqualified was exposed, the main reason is that some enterprises in order to reduce the production cost jerry, shoddy, using low boiling point of industrial methanol and fusel blending inferior antifreeze. Inferior antifreeze not only no anti-freezing effect, and there is no formal tested products tend to have stronger corrosion resistance, for automotive cooling system is easy to cause damage; Some antifreeze will will flow into the engine, after water tank corrosion perforation caused more serious engine failure. Therefore, consumers must choose normal brand antifreeze.

    Boiling point and freezing point is the basic indicators of antifreeze, is the important factor of success for the quality of the product. Boiling point is not qualified cooling liquid boiling easily, cause a loss of coolant, on the one hand, the engine overheating, engine damage, paralysis and even the whole machine; On the other hand make antifreeze in use evaporation speed, leading to higher freezing point, less than "freeze" role in the winter. Currently the national standard of antifreeze boiling point is 106 degrees Celsius to 109 degrees Celsius.

    Second, all kinds of the freezing point of antifreeze is not the same, this is according to different regions, different environmental temperature. Southern region of antifreeze freezing point generally about 15 degrees Celsius below zero, while the north is much higher. Generally speaking, the choice of the freezing point of antifreeze is lower than the local minimum best temperature 10 degrees Celsius. Such as in the north, the winter minimum temperature at minus 15 degrees Celsius, use the freezing point of minus 25 degrees Celsius antifreeze.



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