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  • Today is 2021-6-25, Welcome to the web Anhui day chi pioneer product manufacturing co., LTD Website: www.tktjk.com

    road easily boutique antifreeze

    road easily boutique antifreeze 4KG

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    Products meet the  JT225-96 and SH/T0521-99、ASTM D3306、SAE J1304, With a winter antifreezeWith a summer anti-boilingFull-year anti-corrosion, anti-scaleUsing this product can protect water tanks, engine and metal pieces of the role, and to prevent scale, improve heat transfer ratio, energy-saving fuel-efficient.

    According to the package the products can be sorted into :-15;-20;-25;-30;-35;-40;-45;-45°C。

    Merit function

    Should call the full name of antifreeze antifreeze coolant, meaning anti-freezing function of coolant, antifreeze can prevent cold season parking when coolant freezes and burst radiator and freezing engine cylinder block, but we have to correct a misunderstanding, antifreeze is not just winter, normal maintenance project of the car, every year, need to change the engine antifreeze, special vehicles fangdongye change frequency is higher.

    Many different kinds of automobile antifreeze, like in the inorganic calcium chloride (CaCl2), organic matter in the methanol (CH3OH), ethanol (C2H5OH, the common name for alcohol), ethylene glycol (C2H4 (OH) 2, the common name for a sweet alcohol), glycerin (C3H5 (OH) 3, the common name for glycerin), lubricating oil and common in our daily life of sugar, honey, etc., can be as mother liquor of antifreeze, in adding suitable amount of pure water softening (excluding or a small amount of water containing calcium and magnesium ions, such as distilled water and unpolluted rain, snow, etc., the composition of the total hardness of water quality concentration between 0 to 30 PPM), can be a general sense of antifreeze.

    Due to methanol, ethanol is volatile, not suitable for the north vehicles use.

    In addition to the antifreeze, antifreeze also has the following advantages:

    Corrosion protection function: the engine and cooling system is made of metal, copper, iron, aluminum, steel and solder. These metal contact with water at high temperature, in the long run will corrode, rust. And antifreeze will not cause corrosion to the engine cooling system, also has the function of corrosion and rust removal.

    Water's boiling point is 100 ℃, the high quality of antifreeze coolant boiling point 110 ℃ above freezing, usually used in the summer, so antifreeze coolant is much more difficult than the water boiled.

    Water as cooling fluid's gives the driver a headache is the problem scale, scale attached to the tank, the water jacket of the surface of the metal, make the heat dissipation effect worse and worse, and clear is also very difficult. High-quality antifreeze made of distilled water and anti-scaling additives, not only scale also has the function of descaling. Of course, if your tank scale is very thick, it is better to use first tank detergent thoroughly clean again after adding antifreeze.

    General purpose: cars, tractors, ships, automobiles, trains, internal combustion engine engine, water tank and a variety of mechanical equipment, diesel and gasoline engine cooling system used as a coolant. With antifreeze, boiling, corrosion, scale and other functions. Like water, has high specific heat and latent heat of evaporation quantity and convenient supplement. When the environment temperature is below freezing, the water in the cooling system will be turned into ice, the cooling system components will have been expanding crack damage risk, then selects the antifreeze can guarantee the normal work of the engine at low temperature.

    With the progress of improvement of engine structure and material technology, modern automobile engine compared with the old engine, a significant feature is the modern engine operating temperature is high, on the normal operating temperature limit is generally more than 100 ℃. In domestic cars, for example, the normal work of the engine temperature is: Shanghai santana 90 ℃ ~ 105 ℃, 85 ℃ ~ 115 ℃ faw jetta, fukang 90 ℃ ~ 118 ℃. If all the water, when the engine temperature reaches 100 ℃ water boiling "boiled", in addition, the water is corrosive, cooling effect of the scale effects. So with a special kind of cooling medium - antifreeze.

    Someone think antifreeze is designed for vehicles used in cold region, this is a misunderstanding. On the market of antifreeze ingredient is ethylene glycol, it has a high boiling point, the characteristics of low freezing point. Antifreeze inside contains additives in order to prevent the oxidation of ethylene glycol (by-product) can form strong causticity, prevent corrosion, prevent bubbles, etc.

    About us
    Companies to introduce :

    The company is located in maanshan wan jiang industrial undertaking area in anhui province at new bridge industrial park, construction land with a total area of 12.5 acres, total construction area of 6000 square meters, green area of 13% approximately 880 square meters. Is the production of motor vehicle brake fluid, antifreeze coolant, solar superconducting medium and environmental protection product urea as the leading product, design production capacity of annual output of 7000 tons, is now producing more than 5000 tons. Has advanced synthesis device, stainless steel and enamel mixing device, stainless steel storage tank, stainless steel cans, high vacuum auxiliary system, induction sealing machine, automatic quantitative filling equipment, and meet with GB12981-2012, NB/SH / / JT225 T0521-2010-2010, GB29743-2013 standard requirements of all testing equipment. Products are sold to Beijing, Shanghai, anhui, jiangsu, zhejiang, shandong, shaanxi, guangdong, shanxi, hunan, hubei, fujian, jiangxi, hebei, ningxia, xinjiang and other places. At the same time my company has 55% of products exported to foreign countries.

           My company to "continuous improvement, improve quality, customer satisfaction". As the goal, according to the requirements of ISO9001 quality system management enterprise, the brake fluid products are DOT3, DOT4, super DOT4, DOT5.01, antifreeze products are: -15 ℃, -20 ℃, -25 ℃ and -30 ℃, - 35 ℃ and -40 ℃, - 45 ℃, -60 ℃ (concentrated) our products, meet the modern automobile industry and new requirements of solar heat transfer engineering system, at the same time the company's new urea products all meet the national standards which is applicable to the environmental protection rules for diesel engine emissions. Our company can design the product according to customer's requests to meet their satisfaction.

          In October 2002 ,by the ministry of communications experts on-site audit on production license production conditions, our products passed the national sampling inspection, in full compliance with national standards, reached the international level, on January 16, 2003 we obtained production licenses. In May 2008 we have got the national license review again.




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