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    How long in an automobile antifreeze?

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    Called the antifreeze of antifreeze coolant, can be seen from the name it has two main functions: the first is the antifreeze, the second cooldown. Antifreeze can prevent vehicles from parking in the cold winter when coolant freeze and burst the vehicle's cooling system, and can prevent "boiled" in the summer.

    How long in an antifreeze?

    Different depot Suggestions to original fangdongye replacement cycle will vary, but most of the manufacturer's suggested owners once every 2 years to replace vehicles fangdongye, also has its original antifreeze performance of several manufacturers replacement cycle for four or five years. Details you can refer to your vehicle maintenance manual.

    Antifreeze how to choose?

    Currently, there are two types of antifreeze is roughly on the market, to concentrate, the distilled water to use. The second category, as "that are" ready to use form type, antifreeze when use without water. In addition, the vehicle manufacturers will also launch original designated brand antifreeze, this kind of antifreeze for concentrated more commonly, need to be used against the water. And sells on the market most of the "universal" antifreeze for more "that are" ready to use form, if it is replaced by oneself, buy as far as possible choose a big brand products.

    For owners of the most important thing to notice is the freezing point mark on the package. How to choose the freezing point of antifreeze? Suggest or reference you actually lived the lowest temperature in winter, then it is advisable to drop 10-15 degrees Celsius.



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