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    The choose and buy of the brake fluid

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    Believe in friends who have a car is no stranger to brake oil, it is professional term "brake fluid", so the quality of the brake fluid is also directly influence the working effect of the braking system. Some owners in order to save money and buy cheap cheap brake fluid, cheap goods is not good, poor quality of the brake fluid can damage the brake system, time grew, brake problems may cause brake failure. So you must choose when buy brand reputation in the industry through the brake fluid.

    Brake fluid are classified, in general automobile brake fluid is divided into alcohol, mineral oil, synthetic of the three. Among them, alcohol type brake fluid and points 1 and 3; Mineral oil type and the semicolon and 15. But these two kinds of brake fluid has very few people in use. At present the main use synthetic brake fluid. Synthetic brake fluid and alcohol ether, ester and three types of silicone oil type, but is the most used alcohol ether and ester.

    So remind you when selecting a brake fluid as far as possible to large auto supplies stores, or well-known website to buy, such as you can choose in 17 steam net buying brake fluid, not only the product quality pass, product brand awareness is high, the service process is quite complete, is a broad consumer choose and buy good platform for automobile products.



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