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    Automobile antifreeze can't mix

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    Engine cooling fluid commonly known as "antifreeze" or "non-freezing fluid", is a car engine is indispensable to the normal operation of the cooling medium, its quality directly affects the performance of the car and even endanger personal safety. Recently, the relevant person in charge of hebei province disappear assist to remind, as a result of the cooling fluid additive formulation, will destroy the additive blend ratio balance, thus leading to the corrosion of the automobile cooling system. Therefore, different brand, different formulations of coolant cannot mix, adding coolant should use the same brand, the product of the same freezing point.

    Recently, the consumers association of shijiazhuang city in hebei province part of the auto 4 s shops provide or sell engine cooling fluid on the basis of the comparison test. The comparison experiment involved 13 engine cooling fluid manufacturers of 14 kinds of goods, on the basis of NH/SH/T0521-2010 type of ethylene glycol and propylene glycol type engine cooling fluid, the detection method, for consumers widely concern about the freezing point, boiling point, PH indicators were tested. Test results show that the tested sample marked boiling point at or above its express value, PH value have reached the standards prescribed by the state, freezing point is reached its nominal express values, including "faw car special FO fangdongye" special "Shanghai Volkswagen engine cooling fluid" "gac fangdongye" actual express value 3-4 ℃ below the freezing point. At the same time, most of the problems with non-standard cooling fluid, with reference to NH/SH/T0521-2010 type of ethylene glycol and propylene glycol type engine cooling fluid, the related standards, cooling fluid should be - XX number, rather than - XX degree, such as freezing point for - 35 ℃, shall be marked as - 35, in addition to the individual cooling fluid, other all annotations - XX degree, insufficient standard annotations.

    The relevant person in charge of hebei province disappear assist proposal, consumer is buying antifreeze goods, try to select normal sells the goods, in order to avoid buy inferior antifreeze products, should be paid attention to when choosing antifreeze goods, choose no odor, transparency, good antifreeze goods, avoid direct contact with skin, antifreeze, because antifreeze and additives are toxic substances; Should be paid attention to when choosing antifreeze commodity specifications, fangdongye goods should use freezing point around 10 ℃ lower than the lowest temperature vehicle region of antifreeze commodity; Consumers buy antifreeze commodities related shopping vouchers should be retained, so that effective rights after the goods quality problems.



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